2015 Recap

The wheel of life keeps turning! 


2015 has flown by! Its 1:05pm on January 1st, 2016 and I’m writing this from my loft in downtown LA. This past year has had lots of good times, I can’t even remember anything really negative happening in my life this year (besides getting $750 stolen out of my wallet, but thats another story).


I finally moved out on my own from the homie pad in North Hollywood that I lived in for over three years. I had lots of good buddies share the four bedrooms over there, can you believe we were only paying $420 a room in rent? It was a good landing pad for me in California, but the time had come for me to be an adult and get my own rad place. I get up and walk a few miles around downtown each morning, it feels like I live in an entirely different city now. The Broad art museum opened up on the street I live on, Grand Ave. Its my favorite museum, if you have a chance to visit you should. I’ve been thinking about some new art exhibits myself lately, and might get back in to planning artshows again this year.


Scopa continues to be a great place to work. I’ve become good friends with lots of people I work with, and looking forward to the next place we open, which will be here downtown in the fashion district. I’ve been playing music for a year now with a couple rad dudes, its been great to make some noise again after a few year break when I left FL. We get together about once a week in Echo Park and have been writing songs, we’ll probably start playing some shows in the next few months.


I just had a good visit home for Christmas, its always nice to catch up with old friends and spend time with my family, we don’t get to see each other enough! My family is doing good, and everyone is healthy and enjoying themselves. I got to spend time with my Dad, he was released from prison this year so it is the first time i’ve hung out with him in the free world in over 5 years. Don’t take the time you have with loved ones for granted! A bunch of my old friends have moved away from Jax, but some were back home for Christmas. We had some great times together, out and about at the old spots where we grew up. It was bittersweet to attend my last show at Freebird Live, the classic venue in Jax Beach has been sold. My Dad’s apt was on the 2nd floor of the building until I was two years old, and I played a bunch of my first shows there. The place has a ton of memories for me.


I still have the office/studio in Hollywood, its a great place to go edit or work on little projects and be around creative people. I’ve shot a lot of random stuff this year with different people, and created a new website with the content (www.JoeVanDyke.net). Ive been helping a few of my best friends’ new pin company (Dead Ringers), they have been taking off and its been a lot of fun to see it happen. This has been a big year in new technology, I’ve been able to explore most of Apple’s new products this year: Mac Pro desktop, watch, iphone 6s plus, and I just picked up the  ipad pro for Christmas, with the new pencil for drawing/designing. Digital media is not going anywhere, and I enjoy staying on top of it.


There have been some great movies and albums this year, here are some of my favorites:


(movies) Ex Machina, Star Wars, Sicario, The Hateful 8, Bridge of Spies, Mad Max, The Revenant, The Martian, Tangerine, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, Love & Mercy, A Most Violent Year, The End Of The Tour, Steve Jobs, While We’re Young, Jurassic World, The Overnight


(music) Sufjan Stevens: Carrie & Lowell, City & Colour: If I Should Go Before You, Copeland: Ixora, Travi$ Scott: Rodeo, Radical Face: The Bastards, Drake: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late/What A Time To Be Alive, El Vy: Return To The Moon, Tame Impala: Currents, The Wonder Years: No Closer To Heaven, RickoLus: Coconut


I’ve been experimenting with some different styles of mobile photography, feel free to check out the feeds: @Photocurator   @Videocurator   @Minimalpic   @Food_Champ   @ArtSucks


I was able to visit Jacksonville twice, St. Augustine, Orlando, Vegas 4 times, Scottsdale Arizona, San Diego, Bardstown, Louisville, & Frankfort Kentucky. Hopefully I’ll be doing some international travel in 2016.


Its been an overall great year in my mid-thirties life, looking forward to where this road leads. Happy New Year

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1st January 2016

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