2014 Recap

I’ve learned a lot this past year here in LA…This year I’ve continued to grow creatively and professionally in this thing we call a life. I’ve been working at Scopa in Venice Beach the whole year, as well as working on photography and videography. The financial freedom that I’ve experienced working at Scopa has been a huge blessing, and has changed my outlook on living in LA and life in general. I’ve paid off past debt from FL, saved and invested this year. I’m now renting my second office/studio of the year, with the guys from Rebels Ark in Hollywood. It has been great to be involved in these shared creative spaces, always having a place to go work and think, it really opens up a lot of new projects and possibilities. This year I started shooting photography and videography all manually, instead of relying on automatic settings. It has changed the way I view the world and what I find interesting. A few of my best friends got married this year, and I had the honor of being the officiator of one of the weddings, and the best man in another. I was able to visit family in FL (twice) and North Dakota, as well as travel to NYC, Rochester, Vegas, San Fransisco, San Diego, Texas, Mexico, and more. I joined the electric car movement with a new Prius, next will be a Tesla. I’ve had a few good friends come and go from the four bedroom North Hollywood apartment that I’ve shared for the last 3 years. One of the owners of Scopa (and two other rad bars in town) and I started a band in October, I’m playing bass. Its sounding awesome and I’m excited about where that will go. I created a music video for my good friend Steve Carey, and just finished a dark short film in downtown LA. It has been great to stay busy and enjoy myself at the same time, and I look forward to this next year and where it will take me. Cheers!


This is part of my new studio/office.

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stupid dreams














2nd January 2015

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