2013 Recap

2013 was a year of action, trial and error, travel, ups, downs, fortune, opportunities, and experiences. 

This has been a year to remember. It was the year that I really got on my feet in LA and started moving forward. I did a lot of different things, and pushed myself creatively, professionally, and personally.  I explored the west coast all the way up to Portland Or and back, took trips around southern Ca, Vegas, Austin, Dallas, Orlando, and Jacksonville. I’ve learned a lot more about photography and videography this year, including my introduction into timelapse photography, which I plan to explore more in depth this next year. I created a feature length film (all trial and error and learning as I went), and just finished the editing of that project yesterday. I left a job I was not very happy in, and since have started multiple new jobs, including a stint at Disneyland that was a lot of fun. The new restaurant I helped open in Venice Beach (Scopa) has been an amazing experience from day one, I have learned so much from the owners and have made some great relationships, as well as big plans for the future. I’m also currently exploring the new ride sharing phenomenon by driving for Uber and Lyft, usually from 11-2am or so after shifts in Venice Beach. It has been an awesome experience so far, and the continually changing world of transportation has been a huge interest of mine, with plans on purchasing my first all-electric car (Tesla) this upcoming year. I have purchased, learned, used, and resold a couple of different computers this year, and just ordered the brand new quad-core Mac Pro that ships in February, this is an unbelievable machine, and my post production opportunities are gonna seem endless. I have spent a lot of time with my good friends here in La, we are all out here from Jacksonville and it has been awesome to have so many close friends around ever since I moved west in 2011. I’m flying out tonight at 5am (tomorrow really), and spending a few days in Orlando with my family and then a few days in Jacksonville. I’m taking them to a cool resort and Disney World, the kids and all of us will have a blast! I always have a great time seeing friends while in Jacksonville, so this upcoming weekend will be a lot of fun. I continually have so much to be thankful for, including a growing financial peace, and a never ending sense of curiosity that keeps me going!


     Suntory time



31st December 2013

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