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  • Dec 26, 2008

    2008 and THE FUTURE

    Current mood:inspired   Whats up, I just want to say thankyou to the friends and family i have spent this past year (2008) with, and take a look at the future as well.This past year has been full of changes and great times to be thankful for.I have spent the entire year self-employed with the artshows/music/rentals that i have been doing, and it has been so amazing to be my own boss and be in charge of my own career. It is the first year in my life that i took my health more seriously and exercised regularly, and I’ve been feeling great. After taking a 10 year break from school (98-08), I reenrolled at FCCJ and have received A’s in all the classes I’ve taken, spring, summer, and fall terms.This past summer our band Shadow Agency decided to go in a new direction with some new members and new music/name. It signified the end of the SA era, which was an amazing 4 year experience all over the eastcoast with great friends! HELLO DANGER is the new name and we are fully focused and ready to embark on an insane musical journey together, we’ve been recording the best album of our lives so far since July. I have met some amazing new people throughout the year, and have done so many fun things!! The artshows continue to grow and are so much fun, i cant think of a better job to be involved in. This next year will hold many more changes and experiences that we cant even comprehend until they happen, and i am excited to see where it will take us. I plan on playing more music and creating more art than any period in my life so far, as well as continuing to improve the other details in my life and bettering my health. I plan on appreciating the good things in our lives more, and the people i come into contact with. I will be turning 30 in August, and I am so happy to be where I am at this time in my life.
    3:12 PM

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      • joe, you’re the perfect catch!

        4 years ago

  • Nov 12, 2007

    ::some of my Name History::

    Current mood:productive   MactruQue himself has inspired me to use the full name (Joseph Floyd VanDyke) and share some of my family name historyEven tho my VanDyke/Nicholas Amsterdam (Holland) roots are stronger than the English Floyds from my Grandmother’s side, Ill start with the Floyds.Floyd’s 5 & dime was one of the only CVS-style oldschool drug/dime stores in jacksonville and NE Fl to orlando from 1915 to about 1960′s (when Woolworth started taking over everywhere in the south). My Great-Uncle Gene and Nana (My Grandmother, Dad’s Mom) finally shut their Inherited chain down in the late 70′s due to Gene’s genius advances in the early stages of Night Vision devices used by the Military, he was an engineer, not the dimestore chain owner that his father was (who was a truly amazing person as well), and Nana’s growing Republican political career she so truly believed in and pursued and accomplished thru-out her lifetime. My Dad’s family name VanDyke has been a long line of amazing people originally from Holland, succeeding in Business and arts endeavors. I believe Dick VanDyke and the other 1,000 or so in america are all loosely related, seeing as how it is a rare name used here, more common over in the Netherlands. In our particular line of VanDyke’s, we have maintained the tradition of the first names Clifford and Joseph from father to son for many generations now, and my first or only son will be named Clifford. My Dad Cliff is an Awesome surfer and people person, and has had a life full of great and interesting relationships and events, and i am proud to name my future son after him. Joseph is my Dad’s father’s name, Grandolly (my sister zoa pronounced Grandaddy that way as a baby, haha) and he was an amazing and successful business man his whole life, continuing to work as a stockbroker for Dean Witter and loyal husband to Nana until his death about 5 years ago. He was an amazing man of character and values, and he and Nana raised my Dad and his two sisters in a most fortunate and awesome life right here in Jacksonville Beach and Palm Valley Ponte Vedra areas the whole time. Grandolly (Joseph H VanDyke) and Nana (Elinor Floyd VanDyke) met at Fletcher Highschool in the 40′s, the same school my dad and his sisters and me and my sisters have graduated from.My Mom’s family name Nicholas is also a Dutch name, with the obvious St. Nicholas being the most famous early Hollander with the name. This is where most of my Music and Art side comes from in the immediate family. My mom, her sister, and brother are all talented musicians and singers, and her Brother John is also an amazing visual artist. This line of Nicholas’ are all from Louisville Ky, where my Mom and a girlfriend Hitch-hiked down here to Fl and ended up meeting my Dad in the late 70′s, and stayed married throughout raising all of us to eventually both re-marrying and being happy people today.Amsterdam is known to many as one of or even The center of Arts & Music greatest Cities in the world, and i am PROUD to share my heritage, and THANKFUL for such amazing family and ancestry.
    5:18 PM

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      • deep roots. thanks for sharing.

        5 years ago

      • aww that was amazing to read and a got me a teary eyed! thats wonderful. me and my girlfriends were just talking about researching our family history on friday night! we must be on the same wave length! hehe
        fyi: grandolly died Jan 12, 2003 (on his bday)_ and it been a little under 5 yrs from now since he passed. :(
        I remember b/c it was 13 days before my wedding!
        Nana passed 3 months after the wedding b/c she couldn’t live w/o him any longer.(i think!)

        5 years ago

  • Jul 26, 2006

    ::random thoughts and ideas about humans::

    Current mood:contemplative   So im on a constant quest to improve every aspect of my life.Not perfection, which is impossible, but constant improvement.Even though i dont always improve, im always thinking i need to, which is a start. I believe that we can motivate ourselves to do anything we want to, its just a matter of actually doing it.We get distracted constantly from improvement, subconciously, and sometimes consciously, usually out of laziness.We also get very comfortable with ourselves and our situations, so that we dont actually get better, usually the opposite.As humans, we are the only species that we know of with the power to know right from wrong, and to realize that we are mortal.This gift of knowledge is an amazing thing, that we need to challenge and put to use as much as possible, with the short amount of time that we have.One of the biggest challenges in improving is remembering to improve, or try to, as much as possible.We have to force ourselves to think this way (or at least i do), or we will fall into habit and stagnant living, as opposed to excitement, challenge, and positive actions. We only know that we have TODAY, so we cant postpone, we must use every moment that we have to learn and grow as individuals. Success, or fulfillment, is measured in many different ways, but a positive strive for personal success is a healthy venture because it involves continued improvement. Thinking “out of the box” is important, because it challenges us to try something different that we might not be sure will work, but without it we would never have anything new and different….like electricity for example…i guess we kind of need that now, haha. Taking calculated risks is important, successful or not, cuz without them we wouldnt have any success, wich only leaves failure. If we have control over our mood/behaviour, we have the power to be in a constant state of positivity, wich i believe is the key to living a meaningful existence. Other people are our most valuable resource, so much more can be achieved by a group than an individual. We must realize the best attributes of those around us and utilize and be thankful for them, we can learn something from everybody. Helping others is one of the best ways to grow, believe it or not, even though it can be very hard. i have endless thoughts and views on these subjects, but hopefully some of these have got you thinking, like they have me. peace
    8:43 PM

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      • hey joe.. i wish more people thought like this.. even myself. right on homie.

        5 years ago

      • you got my gears goingoodstuff kiddo

        5 years ago

      • <P>“We also get very comfortable with ourselves and our situations, so that we dont actually get better, usually the opposite.” </P><P>You couldn’t have said it any better.

        5 years ago

      • I am proud to call you “family,” Joe.

        6 years ago

      • well said man, I tried to give three kudos but it wasn’t an option so I owe you one.

        6 years ago

      • you know, it’s funny…  the media and average person would make you think that these views are unique to yourself.  it’s reassuring to know that new and old friends are starting to focus on more than just material success… so that makes me wonder: is anyone really striving for material wealth, anymore?
        take care, daverevolution/walk like a warrior/they schools/behind enemy lines/ghetto youth-dead prez

        6 years ago

      • Some of your thoughts sound like Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs….read up on it you might like it.

        6 years ago

      • i do love god! these are things i was thinking about as what we can do as people, things to be thankful for!!

        6 years ago

      • tru dat.

        6 years ago

      • i wish everyone thought this way.especially the laziness part. those people deserve a kick in the ass. this is usually a lack of motivation, it is a bad thing..

        6 years ago

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  • Apr 29, 2006

    ::the first Artshow i did, 7/22/06::

    Current mood:artistic   this is gonna be an awesome night, everyone should come hang!!
    1:30 PM

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      • JonAre there photos from this event?

        6 years ago

      • Kevin Moorewhat up playa?!  you still having me play?  holla!

        6 years ago

  • May 21, 2005

    a novel about my sick-ass trip to L.A. (and PLAYBOY MANSION!)

    YEAH, i just had probably my best week ever. this will be long, so only read it if you are bored, or if you are in love with me. anyway, we (me and my boy jason from the embraced, formerly opiate) left last sunday 5/15 for L.A., and this was my first time on a plane-believe it or not. planes are pretty cool, didnt have any problems there. George King (exec. producer of new movie “Sting” and other T.V. work) sat right behind us on the plane, he was cool as shit, and interested in us, we gave him some demos when we got to L.A. that he might want to use for something. The manager of west coast customs (pimp my ride) rode our plane as well, he was cool as shit, i asked him to pimp our shuttle bus!! haha, anyway, our best friends from the SUMMER OBSESSION (t.s.o.) picked us up at the airport in their crazy van and trailer. chris brown (former drummer for evergreen terrace) is their drummer now, he was driving the van and we were all screaming and acting crazy, just completely stoked to be in L.A with some of our best friends. we went straight to huntington beach that night (we didnt arrive till midnight) to stay with our good friends in OVER IT! they have an awesome house near the beach, and we just bro’d down with them till 3 in the morning. Mon. morning we got up fairly early and chilled more with Seth and Pete and Nick from over it. then we took off from orange county and went back up to L.A. area. we met up with Lukes (singer of t.s.o.) girlfriend at this chick christina from jax.’s apartment. we all went and ate at the IN & OUT burger-i had to, cuz of the big labowski. it is really fresh food for a fast food joint. we left there cuz t.s.o. had a meeting with virgin (their new record label) on wilshire blvd. me and jason and mallory walked around wilshire for awhile, and then checked out the LaBrea tarpits-ive read about those since i was a kid. they have big mammoth replicas in the tar, its pretty crazy. my boy Mike “scruffy” williams lives out there off wilshire, so i called to meet up with him. just as he was pulling up, we all went to run across the street, with tons of traffic coming, and Mark (t.s.o. bass player) trips and falls right in the middle of wilshire, with honking traffic flying, it was a second away from death, he scrambled out of the way a hair before being mutilated right in front of our eyes-scary as shit. his life flashed before his eyes, he was so shaken up. i guess thats why they are so stricked about J-walking out in L.A. after recovering from that, we all went to mike’s apt. and we just kicked it. we met his roommate and roommate’s hot gypsy girlfriend who had like 5 diff. types of medical grade kryppie, theyar cool people. Mike is working some for capital, and running sound for diff. bands in the area, and helping set up and run a studio at a mansion in beverly hills, so he’s got lots goin on out there, and he’s only been out there for six months! shit happens quick out there. Alan (t.s.o. guitarist) had some chick he knows pick up him and mark, so the rest of us all went over to my boy LP’s (yellowcard drummer) nice-ass condo he shares with Ben harper (y.c. guitarist) right off ventura blvd. Lp’s girlfriend Katie just moved out there the same day we arrived, so it was cool to hang with her, she’s awesome! wedrank some beers over there, it was really chill. me and jason and Lp and katie went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner, that place is really nice. we all ordered diff. chinese food, and Lp ordered a bottle of $140 dom perrigham (dont know how to spell that). Lp has a new bad-ass custom mustang GT, and he scared the living daylights out of us, he drives it like a fucking maniac, but he’s in control the whole time. we raced through L.a. like no other, talk about a rush!! after dinner it was pretty late so we went back to Lp’s and just hung out with ben harper, and listened to the new limp bizkit (sucks). me and jason crashed at their place that night. Tues. morning we woke up and Lp had a meeting with his label, so we just hung at his house and played guitar and just chilled. when Lp got back he took katie and me and jason on the most unbelievable ride to malibou. we raced thru the malibu canyon like a fucking bat out of hell. im glad we survived to tell of it, Lp is as good of a race car driver as anybody in the fast and furious. we went to thousand oaks (where stole your woman lives-but they were in the o.c. recording), and then on to malibou, listening to slipknot on his killer system, the weather was amazing, and got to see so much of the landscape, and the pacific coastal highway-remarkable. we ate at castnet nellies-the restaurant in fast and furious that overlooks the ocean from the top of a cliff in malibou-so beautiful, its scary. we had seafood there, it was really good. we climbed down to the beach and felt the cold pacific, and hung out, it made me feel so ALIVE! on the way back he showed us tommy lee’s house, crazy place, and all kinds of other big timers, like cher, and the house where incubus recorded moringview, all kinds of cool places, the ride was so killer. luke called and let me know that they had to be at the PLAYBOY MANSION at 4, and we were still coming back from malibou, so we were in a tight spot. they were running really late, so we had to get mike to come pick us up at Lp’s and take us to the mansion, but this turned out to be awesome, cuz when we got there i was able to get the security to let all 3 of us in, and valeigh? park mikes car, just by talking to the head guy on the phone in advance, and bullshitting him when we got there, HAHA!! tightest security in L.A can be b.s.’d by me!! so all three of us get in to the party, mike is in debt to me for life-no, he more than made up for it this week. anyway, the mansion is the most awesome place ive ever been to. the place has crazy landscapes everywhere, and exotic animals all over the place. playboy bunnies are walking around in nothing but painted-on bikinis, so they are actually naked. they are so cool too, they talk to you like you are the shit, i got lots of awesome pics with tons of playmates, freakin crazy! they had a few diff. full bars of drinks, and every kind of exotic food you can imagine. everything is free, they must have gone thru $200,000 dollars worth of food and drinks that night, its unimaginable. T.S.O. played a good set under a tint with tables set up, it was cool, 3 other bands played as well, they are all on the soundtrack to the playboy mansion video game, that is who threw the party. all kinds of execs and important people were just hanging out, getting drunk, and having a blast. i met tons of awesome people and contacts there that i gave demos to. Mike ended up meeting a head guy of a nelly video shoot, and the next morning got a call about running sound on the set, so mike worked on the nelly video today (fri.), and did all the sound, he was so stoked, he might be set for good now with this gig, its huge for him, crazy!!! i was near the grotto area looking for a restroom, and i passed an open door with a playmate getting ready, she called me in and told me to use the restroom while she was in there, it was nuts. people are so awesome out there, or at least to me they were. i met one later that asked if i wanted a private tour of the grounds and other areas of the mansion that were’nt part of the party, with a few friends. so i rounded up mike, chris brown, and jason, and we got an awesome private tour. we got to see lots of other zoo parts, and the gameroom, and a room made to look like the inside of a hooked up van, all plush with mirrors everywhere, it was so awesome. we saw hugh’s hollywood star, and all kinds of other cool stuff. T.S.O. brought alex lewis (bass player of yellowcard in between warren and pete) to the mansion, he might end up playing second guitar with them, and he is a friend of mine as well, so it was fun having him there. i could go on and on about the mansion, i am still on cloud 9 from that shit. we were there from 6pm-12am, and got drunk and partied our asses off. at about 11pm i did a few rebel yells near the pool, it was funny as shit cuz i kind of threw my voice and you couldnt tell where it was coming from, im sure that im the only person who has ever given a rebel yeall at the mansion. that is my fav. place ive ever been, i believe. once we all got the vehicles organized and loaded up, it was time to go, around 12:30am. i got a free backpack full of playboy stuff, and the new calender, everyone was jealous cuz im the only one who got that stuff, from an inside tip of a lady that works there. i gave our demo to the video game head exec, and if he likes it we might get a chance to be on one of his games, that would be killer. we sadly (and drunkenly) had to say goodbye to the mansion, and head on-everything great comes to an end sometime. we drove to this chick Bren’s house that chris knew from evergreen days, in Glendale ca, about 45 mins. away. we chilled over there for a little while, and mike came and crashed with us. we fell out at about 2:30am. Wed. morning me and mike woke up and walked down to this little restaurant called eatz, and i bought us breakfast, it was cool. about 5 diff. hot chicks were in this little tiny place eating, it was pretty cool. we were still on a crazy high from the night before, pretty surreal. T.s.o. had some meetings during the day on wed., so me and jason left with mike to go back to L.A. we went into the volcom store on ventura, and mike knows the owner of the store, that place is awesome! i gave them our new demo, and we checked out all kinds of crazy volcom shit ive never seen, it was an awesome place. then we went to the studio that mike is helping to build, its in a part of a mansion in beverly hills that 4 young rich dudes live in, its nuts. mike was tracking for a rapper named A-ron from chicago, so we got him to take us to ralph’s (grocery store, also from the big labowski), and me and jason bought burgers and beer and went back to the place and grilled burgers for everyone there, it was sweet. we drank a bunch of beer with them, they are cool people. we chilled on their huge deck that overlooks the whole beverly hills valley, an unbelievable view! A-ron’s tracks sound amazing, he might blow up sometime soon. his video guy and another manager dude were there as well, and we all ate burgers and drank beers-i was joking about bringin a little of the south out to the hills, HAHA! backyard bar-b-que style. we finally left the studio later that afternoon, and met back up with the t.s.o guys. there was a free AUDIOSLAVE concert right on hollywood blvd at 7 that we all went to. it was shown live that night on the jimmy kemmel show. the streets were closed off, and there were thousands of people there. audioslave was pretty awesome, they did all their hits, plus a soundgarden song, then did the rage song “killing in the name of”, wich was the highlight of the show for me! i never got to see rage live when they had zack, so this was the closest thing. it was great. after the show was over mike had to go do some shit, so the rest of us went and ate dinner at FRED 62, which is an awesome restaraunt that Mike D from the beastie boys owns. they have all kinds of funny shit on the back of their shirts, like “jesus is our dishwasher” and “blackowned”. i ordered the “bearded Mr. Frenchy” wich was awesome, and we had fried macaroni and cheese balls for an appetizer-talk about a fat kid treat, those things are to die for! after dinner we went to sunset blvd. and hung out at the hustler store for awhile, that place is killer. jason met a hot ass chick that works there, and we all just kicked it for awhile. we walked around and checked out the viper room, the whiskey, the rainbow room, the cat, and some other places around there. luke asked the back door of the viper room about where river pheonix passed away, and the dude hostiley told luke that they dont mention that there, and turned his back on him, it was weird as shit. we bought a bottle of vodka and some redbulls and juice, and ended up making it back to that chick bren’s house at about 3 am. we all killed the vodka, and had a fun end of the night, talking about all kinds of deep stuff like relativity theory, and life, and all kinds of killer stuff, we bonded hard over that bottle of vodka, and finally crashed out at like 4 or 5 am. thurs. morning me and luke woke up early, and went and ate breakfast at eats once again. right across from there is this studio called senoma, where they did the start trouble album. AFI is recording their new album there, freakin crazy, saves the day did the “stay what you are” album there, luke was telling me all about the place, its awesome. we got the rest of the dudes together and went over to man’s theatre and saw the new STAR WARS, HOLY SHIT!! that movie was so freakin amazing. we all loved it, and were on a star wars high for our drive back to downtown L.A. They had a meeting with a possible new management company called THE FIRM. while they were in the meeting me and jason walked around beverly blvd. We met this chick who took us to this cool restaraunt/bar called R.J’s, and drank jack and cokes at the bar for awhile. you can get a free gourmet pizza there if you are drinking at the bar, crazy! that chick was cool, she’s a singer who just finished her new demo, it was cool talking with her. we hung there for awhile and got kind of blazed, then we went and checked out more stores and stuff down beverly blvd. when T.s.o. got done with their meeting they were kinda drunk cuz the manager dude drank an expensive bottle of vodka with them, it was funny cuz all of us were buzzed when we got back together. they were so stoked cuz the firm is the management for DMX, KELLY CLARKSON, TRUST COMPANY, and all kinds of other huge artists, so the tso boys were flippin about possibly working with them. we chilled with them while they ate at a little chinese place, and then went back over to mike’s for our final session with them. T.s.o. had tickets to the kelly clarkson show at 9, so we had to say our extremely sad goodbyes to them, cuz we were leaving that night at 12:30am. they took off, and then me and jason chilled at mikes for one last bro down session, and drank some beers with mike one last time. we said goodbye to the hot gypsy roommate, and finally left for the airport. mike took us to LAX and we said our goodbyes, and me and jason boarded the plane and were off. we made it home this morning at 10:30am, and finally got home. it sucked coming back into the heat and humidity, and normalcy of jacksonville. i love it here and it will always be my home, but i believe LA will be my second home sometime in the near future. sorry if ive bored you with this novel-length blog, talk to you guys soon, JOE (back home in jax beach, Fri. night at 1:07am)
    2:20 AM

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      • finlets keep this memory alive!! such a good time :) :)love you man

        5 years ago

      • tad keatingnice, you are my hero.

        6 years ago

      • Tony DomingoDamn! sick ass trip man!!

        7 years ago

  • May 12, 2005

    underoath=FLIPPIN SWEET!!!!!

    Current mood:awake   i went to the underoath show at freebird last night-HOLY SHIT! talk about a band that goes off live, those dudes KILL IT! i dont think ive ever seen a band with as much energy as them, besides the fact that i flippin love their music as well. all the dudes in the band are cool as shit, they kicked it with us (me, dave, and ian) just like they did at the taste of chaos show, and were stoked to recieve our new music, its refreshing to see bands like them. they are from tampa and represent florida as best as a band can! i actually bought a shirt ( i never BUY shirts at shows), and i am still on cloud 9 from the show, and its the next day. they make me want to go off that much harder when we play live. the chariot opened up and they were pretty sick as well, its the old singer from norma jean. ROCK THE F%&K OUT!!!
    5:57 AM

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  • May 9, 2005

    motha shuckin redneck show!!! woohoo!

    yeah, i went to the planet radio 93.3 mutha shuckin birthday show, and partied with a bunch of west side rednecks, YIPPEE!! we got in VIP for free (me, dave, and ian) free beer, food, cool shit. we sold our 3 free tickets i got from work at the front gate, i got $20, dave and ian got $15. it was funny. most of the bands sucked, but SUM 41 was absolutely amazing, and unwritten law was ok, despite being completely wasted. we saw some titties flashin, and lots of ugly people, but over all it was a very fun day!! peace
    5:23 PM

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      • xtinalol glad you had a good time. i was debating on going to that…but…decided against it.

        7 years ago

  • Apr 16, 2005

    goin to LA next month

    yeah, ill be in LA from may 15th-may20th. on may 17th im teching for the summer obsession at the PLAYBOY MANSION! so yes, i will be chillin at the grotto, livin it up with heff, you know how we do. twill be a fun night, but the fun doesnt stop there, cant wait to hang with all my homies on the west coast, will nerd out and see the new star wars on the 19th when it comes out, in LA!! i should wear a wookie costume, HAHA! anyway, if you are out there and want to hang let me know, peace
    8:48 AM

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      • xtinawerd to that, pimpin! have fun out in LA and take some pics. hahaha. damn, playboy mansion will probably be insane. have fun in the grotto! peace!

        7 years ago

  • Mar 30, 2005

    this world is….

    awesome! i love so much about life, its crazy. yeah, there is a lot of f-ed up stuff that goes on, but life in general is an amazing thing. there are so many different things we can do and become, and so much left undiscovered. even death is a beautiful thing, because it is such a mystery.
    8:43 PM

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  • Mar 8, 2005

    social distortion is the f-in sh*t!!

    yeah, social d was so awesome tonight at plush, i had a freakin blast. they played for an hour and a half, and just rocked that shit the whole time, it was so fun the whole time!!!! i think me and robin are gonna get the skeleton tattoo sometime soon. it was like a reunion out there, i was running into everybody. i got in on the guest list cuz terry at cd connection hooked it up, plus one, so i got robin in as well. we had a few drinks and just rocked with mike ness the whole time. it is shows and bands like these that make me realize why i live and love punk rock so much. i think we are gonna get lurch goin again soon, a stripped down, 4 chord version with justin lead singin. its gonna be off the heezee!!!!!!! yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, im stoked. fun-ass night, and if you missed it, oh well. rock and freakin roll.
    11:05 PM

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  • Mar 5, 2005


    Current mood:awake   hey people, whats up. so ive been on the road for a couple of weeks without bo singing with us, and we are still hav’n a blast. ian sounds good enough to play as a 4 piece until we have the right singer. so i think things will be fine with the band. we partied our asses off on this tour, it was a stripped-down tour, no bo, no tech-kyle, but our friend from orlando named christina did most of the tour with us selling merch, so that helped out a lot. we met lots of cool people and enjoyed our friends’ CROOKED EDGE from tampa, they did most of the tour with us. it was lots of fun, and if we have lost fans of bo, maybe we have gained some fans of ian, haha. anyway, now im back home for awhile till we finish our 4 song ep at vision sound studio in orange park, should be killer!! we have few local shows booked, so if you want to come hang you should keep checking the shows page. we will continue to play all over the southeast for the rest of the year, and then hopefully do a few months out on the west coast at the beginning of 06. we are writing tons of new material, and trying to spend time with friends and family, cuz that is really all you have. we love all you guys that appreciate what we are doing, so feel free to call or type or talk to us at any time. much love=joe, ian, warren, and dave.
    11:31 AM

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  • Feb 20, 2005

    totally tubular taste of chaos show******

    Current mood:high   yeah, so today was an awesome show day. evergreen terrace was playin the show, so we let them use our shadow shuttle bus for shits and giggles. (really cuz the e.t. van has a dead battery out at vision sound in orange park) me, chris brown, maggie, becky, and dave rode out there in the blunt bus. when we got there me and chris went inside and got passes for me, dave, and kyle to work the stage show for them. we loaded all their stuff in and hung around the stage area for awhile. we ate food off the grill behind the stage and just kicked it. we met tim from underoath, and he was cool as shit. he got passes for becky and maggie and ate with us and just hung out for a while. very cool dude, he plays the same guitar rig as me too. we went for a little trip to the bus before they played, and started to get faded. i plugged in the bus and got the a.c. kickin, so it was nice. they played first on the main stage at 2:55pm. they played a sick ass show, and the crowd loved them. we watched from on stage and really enjoyed the set. i went out and got robin and chris fehr into the show, and ian met up with us, and we all watched the rest of the e.t. set. afterwards we all went for a bus run and chilled in there for a little while, mark o got there around that time and hung with us. when we got back in it was about time for underoath to start. we got good spots on the stage and watched them, they were unbelievable! probably the best show of the day. they were killin it the whole time. we just stayed around the stage after they were done and then killswitch engage started, they were SICK! they were the most metal of all the bands of the day, and they killed it. their guitar player acts gay on stage with tiny shorts and a faux hawk, but he’s cool, i met him later. anyway, they rocked that place for real though g. we went back out to the bus afterwards. by this time Lp, danielle, and lindsay got there, and they were chillin with us all. we all just chilled in the bus, with the ac on. next was senses fail, they were pretty good. i like them, but not too much. they rocked though. me and robin and chris fehr went and walked around the actual festival for the first time after them. i kept running into a lot of people as we walked around, i kicked it with a lot of different people out there. when we went backstage again my chemical romance was on stage, they were ok iguess, but im not too into them. me and chris brown ended up in the used’ bus, smokin with bert and his tour manager, biggie. those guys were cool as shit. we chilled in there right up until they hit the stage. bert was awesome, he talks alot, but its cool. i gave them a demo, they might like it. i watched the used set on stage, and was blown away. that is an amazing band, they deserve all the success theyve had so far. i met stephen from fuse, he was super cool as well, i gave him a demo, and he acted really stoked about it, so we’ll see. dave gave one to the drummer of killswitch, and i also gave one to tim from underoath. hopefully some of them will actually listen to it. after the show we just hung out with everyone for a little while, and then drove the bus home. the singer of my chemical romance was supposed to go sing something on the new evergreen record, so me and chris and maggie drove back out to metro to pick up becky and hang with everyone, so we chilled there later on in the night for a little while. i met ray from rocket booking, he books all kinds of bands, really nice guy. he knows warren pretty well also. i dont think the chemical romance dude ended up going to the studio, but im not sure. we just came home cuz we’re tired as crap. i typed alot again, that happens when im faded. peace niggas
    10:15 PM

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      • .holy shit bro this is fat mike i know you remmber me man i fucking threw down so hard in the pit if you failed to notice howard from killswitch gave me props and backstage passes man i t was totaly sick he told me he gave me a pass casue i was throwing down the sickest it was the best fealing ever man and yes evergreen terrace was awesome i got to meat Craig again he is fucking awesome ceom play a show for us bro im waiting man always love bro later _mike_

        8 years ago

  • Feb 6, 2005

    super-cool super bowl weekend.

    Current mood:drunk   yo, jax had the event of its life this weekend, and its already over. my weekend officially started on thurs. night when i got me, lp, chris brown, tempest and danielle into the FHM party at indo-exo downtown, my buddy kevin moore was spinning out there and got us all in, we didnt have to pay $250 bucks a ticket like everybody else. alicia keys was out there, so was topher grace from that 70′s show. we also met chris brown’s new hot ladyfriend (she is not that hot if she is reading this, dont want to contribute to an ego) but she was cool. i met the owner of indo exo thru her. it was a sick ass party, we stayed out there from like 1030-330 or something. danielle, Lp, and tempest all got so drunk that they said they got drugged from the bartender, i said thats just what happens when you drink a bunch of red bull and vodka. a bunch of fhm chicks were supposed to come back to lp’s for an afterparty, but they got too drunk to have one. went to bed at 4:30am. oh yeah, and we rolled in the blunt bus. i got lindsey in to the party at like 1am. they also had almost naked chicks dancing on the bar next door, it was all one bigass crazy shindig. friday was alright, i went to angies during the day and jammed out at the house with steve carey singing with us, he has a sick scream. i went out to cruiser’s for dinner w/ robin, ian, kt, lara, troy, and mimi was serving us and sitting with us. it was good, not too packed for superbowl fri. i met up over at lp’s afterwards, and he says he can get us all into the pdiddy party at plush, so he and chris and their 2 girls ride in the mustang, and i got stuck driving the evergreen terrace van out to plush, with danielle, tempest, lindsey, and 4 other pretty hot chicks. dave fell in line behind us in his car. when we all got out there we walk up to the front, (everybody thought me and dave were pimps cuz we had like 8 hot ass chicks and just us two, it was funny) and lp finds out that the dude that can supposedly get us all in wasnt gonna get out there till like 12:30am, and it was like 11pm, so we ended up having to drive all the way back out to the beach. dennis rodman was having a party at sundog diner in atlantic beach, so we headed there. dave and lindsey got there first and went in, but when we got there i found out that like 4 of the chicks arent 21 and they couldnt use there fake ids cuz they were scanning them out the door. i was pissed, so i drove them all back to danielle and lps and dropped them and the bus off and went home. my roommates and their girls and chris fehr, alley, and kyle and his girl were all there drunk and hanging out. i chilled for a while, got in a gay ass argument with kt, smoked a bunch of pot, and finnally went to bed. pretty stupid fri night, i should have went out to aromas on southside and hung out with will smith, or gone to the nike party at casamarina at the beach, cuz a buddy was working there, but oh well. sat. was cool, i woke up and chilled for awhile, then went down to st. aug. with a new ladyfriend. we went to the outlet mall and i got a lot of pimpass shirts, and some cool punk rock dvds. we went to st. george street and walked around. we went in to this magic shop and the dude was doing a lot of tricks for us. he asked her what our relation was, and she said friends. i told him that she wasnt my type, it was funny. when we went to leave he asked her for her number, and i thought this was funny. i guess if you meet a hot chick and a dude, and she says they are friends, you are allowed to ask for the number. have to remember that one. we had a killer time, and after i dropped her off and got home it was like 530 or so. dufus had a show at jackrabbits, so they were all there gettin ready. blake and irena came over, and us three ended up goin to angies for dinner, and then to chris brown’s. we rode out with him and maggie to his show downtown. evergreen played at the corner of main and adams in a parking lot, it was cool. there was a ton of people downtown. evergreen killed it, andrew screamed “SUPERBOWL-SUPERMOSH MOTHERFUCKERS!” right before the last breakdown of the show, and it was sick. i went out to the pit and hardcore danced with the hardcore kids, it was funny as shit. we watched the fireworks overhead while they played, and andrew rocked that shit with a shadow agency shirt, supportin’ yo, make a nigga happy. i saw a lot of friends out there at the show, and had a good time. we drove back to the beach and got to chris’ house around 11. we chilled there for awhile, then me, chris, and maggie met dave up at vixens (the whitetrash strip club right near warren and chris’ house). we hung there and had some drinks till 1am or so. christina from orlando came up there as well, and mondo was up there. we had an ok time just kickin back white trash style. we ended up starting to drive out to the leather and lace party at plush, but drove over to cancer’s house off southside. noone was there so they finally dropped me off back at home and i got to bed at like 2:30 or so. today was superbowl sunday, yipee! i got up at like noon, and chilled at the crib with rob, troy, chris fehr, ian, and a very bitchy mood kt. i was kickin it cool for a while, but then me and kt got into a verbal fight in the front yard, i told her if she was a dude i would have whooped that ass a long time ago, but i cant cuz shes a female. ive decided i dont ever want to fight with her again, no matter what she says. i cant have that type of negativity in my life. anyways, me and ian went and got lunch at jason’s deli, then kicked it up at cd connection for awhile. went back home and hung out some more, payed my bills and got my finances organized and shit, you know how we do. michelle came over and floated around the house for awhile, crazy ass girl doin spin kicks and shit in the front yard, i love that girl. we homies for life yo, and i ain even the type to have many girl buddies, unless they sweatin me. haha. we went over to chris browns for a super bowl cookout. i drank a fifth of vodka with redbull during the game, it was fun. chris and maggie, bk, dave, me, ian, and tempest stopped by, we had a good time watchin the game, except this year it was like the bible belt bowl, for old people or somethin, made us look like a podunk bunch of rednecks. ohwell, i guess thats what we are. we had a good time yellin over teams we know nothing about, and getting crunk. i ended up just goin home after the game, even though a bunch of people are havin parties and stuff, i just felt like callin it a night. i chilled at home till now w/ ian, lara, alley, chris fehr, robin, and chris brown and maggie just came back by for a minute. see, this is what happens when i get drunk and bored, i start ramblin and end up writing a book. i doubt anyone even read this far, but oh well, my nerdy, writing side comes out of me every once in a while. maybe ill quit music soon and try to become a writer. or an artist. gosh, i dont know.
    10:47 PM

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      • Maria Dunlapdamn joe you make harry potter look like 2-ply

        8 years ago

  • Jan 29, 2005

    shadow agency looking for new singer….

    Current mood:disappointed   hello everybody, some news: our singer bo has decided to leave the band for musical differences & time conflicts. we are tossing over the possibility of playing ocean club (jax beach) on feb. 13th as our last show with bo. we’ll let you know. both shows this weekend (fubar, and the village saloon) are cancelled. we will be trying out lead singers (only serious inquiries) asap. thanks, we love you guys, joe, warren, ian, and dave. call 904-860-5467 if interested. ps. we still love bo.
    8:21 AM

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  • Jan 21, 2005

    on tour….

    Current mood:thankful   yeah, so we got home early this moring from west palm beach, and we leave tonight at 6 for savannah ga. Touring is a very different lifestyle than normal. you are with your close peeps seeing things you never normally see. you play some nights in front of tons of energetic strangers, and other times you just play in front of the bands you are touring with (like last night in wpb). its those times that you realize that this is all you were meant to do, at least while your young, (even though we arent very young anymore, but thats relative) you really get to know the people you are with, and you can never change that. when we are 50 we will look back upon these times with joy, sadness, longing, love, and all that. see, being on tour makes me sensitive.. haha. this is all i was meant for. thanks to everyone who has and is supporting us, we need you!! bye for now.
    9:19 AM

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      • Maria Dunlapawwww who died???

        8 years ago

      • xtinaawwwwww that’s sooo sweet. *tear* haha, at least your super cool tour bus has a super cool stereo system now. you’ll probably still miss the stereo though :P

        8 years ago

  • Dec 10, 2004


    IM SO STOKED to announce that we (shadow agency) are playin w/ STRUNG OUT & EVERGREEN TERRACE at the social in orlando on jan. 18th!! both of these bands are bands i have loved for a long time now, and i am so thankful to have the oppurtunity to share the stage!! we might also be on the tallahassee date (not confirmed yet) and maybe a couple of the evergreen dates they are doin w/o strung out. ROCK ON!!!
    11:58 AM

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  • Nov 18, 2004

    coheed & cambria, underoath, and three

    Current mood:excited   i just got home from an amazing show! i went to house of blues in orlando tonight w/ ian, and we had a blast. three was this weird-ass band of exceptional musicians that were freakin insane, kinda sounded like a world version of coheed, w/ percussion/drum jams and acoustics and slap bass, if you are a musician you would love them, UNDEROATH rocked the freakin house! pophardcore w/ keyboards and stuff, they killed it live! and one of the guitar players played a telecaster thru a 5150 II head, just like ME. yeah. COHEED AND CAMBRIA put on an amazing 1 1/12 hour long set, they kill it. that was my 5th time seeing them, and most certainly the best. i saw some friends from around florida, and we just kicked it and had a killer time. later on
    12:24 AM

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      • Ricky FieldYeah, I would agree that that show was awesome. The first encore song, the improv one, was fucking awesome. And Three seriously blew my mind. The drum and percussion solo with the cymbal grabs was freakin crazy. Anyway, yeah, CocA rocks.

        8 years ago

  • Nov 9, 2004

    we love MELBOURNE BEACH!

    Current mood:thankful   MAN, melbourne is always so much fun, we played there at the sports page this past friday, and had a blast! the people there seem so cool (most of them) and very appreciative of our music, they actually get into it, and buy merch, and let us know they loved it, and all kinds of killer stuff. its awesome to play somewhere that people actually make us feel like we are doing something right!! thanks, and we will see you guys down there very soon.
    7:42 AM

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  • Oct 31, 2004


    Current mood:awake   YO, we played vito’s pizza in valdosta ga. last night, that place is freakin awesome! its like an old colonial/plantation two story house from like the 1800′s, but its a killer ass live club/pizza place/bar! it was halloween at midnight last night, so there was lots of pretty girls in sexy costumes, walking up and down the stairs continuously! they say this place is haunted, and i belive it. there are soo many weird little rooms and doors and crazy places to hide and stuff, this place is so cool! we played our last show w/ HEY MIKE! before they head back out of the south, and our friends in MY HOSTAGE played as well, they got a cool new singer. anyway, im ramblin, its halloween day, im out bitches!
    7:54 AM

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      • Kyle RonanIt’s all about the meatball pizza…… mmmmmmm

        8 years ago

      • Hadass Wadewow yeah great show there, joe…you guys rocked it! god i reek of sarcasm

        8 years ago

  • Oct 27, 2004

    HALLOWEEN ALREADY! how is this possible?

    Current mood:scared   can you believe that halloween is here already? that is crazy! its true what they say about time flying more and more as you get older. so i dont think i will be able to top my MR. T costume from last year, but i dont wanna shave my head into a tri hawk again, so i have to do something different. we are playin a costume show on fri. in daytona, so i need somthing. i might be a zombie redneck, that could be cool. or maybe ill go as the BIG BOY character (as seen in austin powers). who knows? i wish it was halloween all year long!! so much scary fun. bye for now
    6:57 PM

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  • Oct 24, 2004

    i dont want to go to work anymore…..

    Current mood:discontent   yo, so we have been playin shows on the road every weekend now for like 3 months or so, and only one thing comes to mind. why do we have to go back to a day job? because some of us have lived too comfortably for the last few years, and now we have like $1300-$1500 dollars worth of bills to pay every month!@$%. this sux cuz for us as a band we would have to make $7,500 profit every month! right now this is not possible, so we continue to pay our dues on the weekend, and work during the week. hopefully by spring/early summer next year we will be able to play full time, but until then we will be tired. much love to all the bands that work soooo hard for extremely minimal financial reward. later, joe.
    6:22 PM

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      • MALOUmaybe you should make an at home music video and play it on one of our local stations? i’ve got a video cam…………….snip & clip, right? idunno LOVE YA LOTS, LOU

        8 years ago

      • Johnny EvilI wish I was even that far. I’m so fucking jealous.

        8 years ago

  • Sep 20, 2004

    orlando street jam fools

    dude, orlando goes off! we had such a blast yesterday in orlando, we played this big outdoor show w/ skating/wakeskating, and stuff, it was awesome. our given day tore it up, whole wheat bread was the shit, and many other good bands. we met lots of people and just kicked it all day long, people should throw this kind of stuff more often! holla
    6:30 AM

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      • Jauqii was the street jam bilches…..representing the LN17C. hey…you guys were ok too

        8 years ago

      • Hadass Wadefun times, fun times…we’ll be seeing you guys tomorrow in Alabama

        8 years ago

      • Aaron Abrahami wish u had stuck around til later, they had a wet tshirt contest…tits everywhere!

        8 years ago

  • Aug 28, 2004

    va. – tallahassee madness

    yo, we had a crazy couple of days, we left wed. night for va. beach at 2am. around 1:30 pm our fuel pump on our shuttle bus went out and we got stuck till 5 in nc, 525$ more in debt, but we made it to va. right before we played so that was cool. it was the eastern surfing championship weekend and the show was killer! lots of people, tons of fun. ASG rocked w/ us and they were great as usual. we left late that night around 2:30 am and got lost tryin to find 95, so we drove around till 6:30 am and found it. we got pulled over and searched yesterday in sc, luckily i didnt go to jail, but when we opened our trailer for the cop to search the wind blew the door the opposite way and bent the hinges, it takes 2 dudes to open it and close it now. we finally made it to tallahassee last night around 10pm and played the beta bar w/ drake equation. this was an awesome show as well, great stage at that place! chris from opiate came out and supported, that was cool. we headed home late (amongst pleading for us to stay and go to some parties cuz bo had to work today) and ran out of gas on i-10 around 6 am, so dave and ian walked to a rest area and met two crazy ass dudes from wisconsin, on their way to daytona to help w/ hurricane relief. they high tailed it to a gas station and hooked us up. that was cool., we finally got home after almost 60 hours of what felt like straight driving. PAYIN OUR DUES is our motto. peace, joe.
    10:12 PM

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  • Aug 22, 2004

    shows w/ HEY MIKE!

    WHATS UP, its sunday, just got back from daytona at 6am, we played at nicely’s tavern w/ HEY MIKE! (takeover records), we had a blast! we played with an oldschool/goth punk band called the green goblin project, and they rocked, hey mike was killer, and we played at 2 am but still rocked that crazy place! gumbo passed out, dude hit our shuttle, evolemo drove down, mikey from the uprise came and represented, everybody got drunk except me, cuz i was the d. driver on the way home! its hard to find a bathroom in daytona! but we love playin there. the night before we played with hey mike and swatt and strobelight honey at a private party in arlington, it was a very unusual night, to say the least. but we had fun w/ hey mike and cant wait to play w/ them out in ca. where they are from. peace, joe.
    7:41 PM

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  • Aug 15, 2004

    great show at freebird!

    hey whats up everyone, we had a killer show at freebird last night! there was over 300 people there, and it was awesome! we played 2 new songs, and ian spun his guitar! (story of the year has inspired us, they went off soo hard at warped tour) so anyway, i think we made enough money to pay the guy back for installing bunks in our shuttle bus, so that is cool. we sold all of the brown shirts w/ guns, so we need more. red jumpsuit apparatus was awesome, so was farewell to arms. a new band called better luck tomorrow opened up, and they were good as well. talk to you guys soon, joe.
    7:04 AM

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  • Aug 9, 2004

    florida mini tour w/ stole your woman

    hello, its early and i just woke up. we got in from orlando at 4 am last night, and i have to go back to work!~ sux- but anyway, lets see, we played thurs in tallahassee, it was ok, fri was in cocoa beach, where we had fun w/ the guys from ya’ll, cool band. sat. was in daytona, w/ the uprise, and that was a packed out show! we had a blast there, then ended up in orlando last night, wich was killer!! ill talk more later, joe.
    6:28 AM

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  • Aug 6, 2004

    tallahassee w/stole your woman

    hey, we had a pretty cool show in tallahassee at big daddy’s last night, but they had booty night starting at 11, so we rushed thru the show. jp from hatrick came out and kicked it w/ us, we hadnt seen him in forever. and of course our friends stole your woman from ca. always make it fun!! talk to yall when we get back from the next 3 shows. (mon) later, joe.
    1:27 PM

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  • Aug 3, 2004

    arkham in st augustine

    yo, we just played w/ arkham, monroe, and the uprise last night in st. aug, it was a blast, thanks to everyone who came out and made it an awesome show!!! arkham dudes are still asleep on my couch! later, joe.
    6:38 AM

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  • Jul 29, 2004

    These bands are JAX BEACH HARDCORE!!! eat em up, they rock!
    6:04 PM

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  • Jul 26, 2004

    go there!!!!
    6:03 AM

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  • Jul 26, 2004

    warped tour

    anyone who goes to the jax. warped tour (this sun, aug 1st) should try to make it over to the ernie ball stage around 12 noon, we are playin first on this stage. if you get there later just come find our merch tent and say whats up, we’ll be chillin all day long….. later
    5:59 AM

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      • Joe VanDykewarped tour was the shitt!!!!! we had a great show w/ lots of spectators, and an all around killer day. its nice to have your own tent set up w/ coolers of beer and fans and stuff, you can just kick it all day, and watch so many good bands. my favs of the day: bad religion nofx story of the year (most energetic live show ive ever seen!) coheed and cambria lars frederickson flogging molly andy bothwell yellowcard asg lots more, but those are just a few i watched. thanx to everyone who paid attention to shadow agency, see you guys later, joe.

        8 years ago

  • Jul 25, 2004

    savannah ga yo

    whats up, we just got back from playin the jinx in savannah ga last night, it was fun, thats one of the coolest clubs ive been to, and you can walk around the city with a beer as long as its in a cup! everyone gets really drunk there and the bars are open till 3am-lot different than jax!
21st March 2013

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