THE INDUSTRY – An independent film created by Seth Remis & I

So we’ve been working on this project on and off for the last 6 months…


This is the first film I’ve created (co-created), all on a do-it-yourself basis. I first met Seth when we worked together early in 2012, in Woodland Hills, Ca. He is a very driven actor, and his ambition, communication skills, humor, and drive sparked our collaboration. We started shooting scenes just between the two of us, to hone our acting skills (and my cinematography skills), and soon realized we could shoot our own film, with other people and a variety of locations. This was the beginning of ‘The Industry’, a feature length film that proves you can create on your own terms and with your own resources, instead of always relying on other forces or some ‘big break’.


The film has been a learning process for me, with a lot of trial & error, and ups & downs, which to me is the best way to become better at something. I am proud of the film, and I believe it makes a lot of valid and relevant points for the viewers, as well as some  entertaining and humorous situations along the way.


Enjoy the trailer, and feel free to share the link:





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19th March 2013

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