Max is a great bartender and I’ve been shooting these videos for him.  


Check out this new lapel pin brand that my friend Preston and I launched in March

2015 Video Reel

Here’s some footage I shot this past year. 

January 2016 Movie Reviews (Spoiler-Free)

Movies continue to grow in importance in my life for some reason…

2015 Recap

The wheel of life keeps turning! 


Mojito-lessness is a serious condition affecting the vast majority of cocktail bars today.  

iPhone 5s Slo-Mo & Timelapse Test Reel

Apple included a 120fps slo-mo & timelapse feature last year in their upgrade. I shot these clips between August 2014 and April 2015. Enjoy! 

The Swipe [Comedy Short]

This is a short comedy piece about Tinder, gender, and modern dating. 

Wes Anderson Inspired Sole ZISSOU bike unboxing!

My life is pretty much one little Wes Anderson snowglobe. 

I Never Learn (Lykke Li) Video Treatment

This is a heavy video we shot before Justin moved to Australia. 

LUXURIA [2015 Short Film] [HD]

Stalkers and motorcycles, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

H COFFEE HOUSE – Los Feliz, Ca

This is one of my favorite coffee shops in LA

BOH DORAN live at the Gibson Showroom

We had a great time shooting with Boh Doran (singer/songwriter) in Beverly Hills. 


Daniel is a rad contemporary artist working in downtown LA. 


Justin Davey and I spent the morning with the Schott family on their ranch in Agora Hills, Ca. 

MacKenzie & Her Motorcycle

This is a personality piece created by Justin Davey and I.

2015 Mac Pro Unboxing

This is a beautiful new machine, check it out! 

2014 Recap

I’ve learned a lot this past year here in LA…


Check out this explicitly dark short film I shot in downtown LA with Justin Davey…

Stephen Carey – ‘Town of Gold’

Check out this country music video I directed for Stephen Carey!  


I started my photography/videography journey two and a half years ago, and continue to learn and grow. Check out my photo gallery!

Me, @FakeGucciBag, & @AndrewIsSamuel in Tijuana

We went south of the border for @AndrewIsSamuel’s bday, fun times for sure.          


I finished this amateur film that I shot from November 2012 – March 2013

2013 Recap

2013 was a year of action, trial and error, travel, ups, downs, fortune, opportunities, and experiences. 

Tesla Model S! I love this car!

Watch me take a test drive of this amazing new vehicle…

Mini Biography from my IMDB page

          Joe VanDyke was born and raised in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The only boy of four children, he spent his early life outdoors at the beach and in the woods, or playing sports and skateboarding. Joe got his performance start by playing guitar and starting his first band, Five Cents Short, […]

Yes that was me on We The People, no they are not real situations.

People keep thinking I’m living a an alternate life as Dave Sharp when they catch this episode haha. 

Radical Face Live @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery 10/24/13

This show was awesome! 

I’m in this dark film REDLANDS coming out in January (nudity alert)

The director John Brian King worked on lots of great films including Magnolia and Boogie Nights. 

Watch me dance like a fool in Pharrell’s new video (and Jimmy Kimmel)

THE VERONICAS studio footage I shot for them last year!!

This was an amazing couple of days I spent filming rad superstars The Veronicas while they were working on their new album, at Paramount Studios – with my good friend & producer Mathew Sherman (1984 Industries)

#WeAreYoga makes the trip to Austin Texas, check out the footage!!

My good friend Paul Carr invited me to shoot a video on their amazing journey to the regional championships…


JACKSONVILLE! It’s been 2 years (since I moved to LA), so it Iooks like it’s time for me to come visit FL and have an artshow, like the good ol days! 

Las Vegas: A Portrait of the City

VEGAS BABY! I love this city 

I directed this music video for FAKEGUCCIBAG

This is a brand new artist and good friend FAKEGUCCIBAG, expect big things from him. 

Paul Carr’s awesome new company, WE ARE YOGA in Venice Beach!

Paul is a rad dude, and doing great things in the Yoga community, check out this video I made…

Check out this footage of the California State Parks and Portland

This was an amazing trip from LA all the way up the coast to Portland. Lots of state and national park footage, plus Radical Face live in Portland…

My online Blog posts from 2004-2008, haha some good reads!

  Joe VanDyke’s Blog

THE INDUSTRY – An independent film created by Seth Remis & I

So we’ve been working on this project on and off for the last 6 months…

Stanley Kubrick! The best filmmaker of all time

Here is a video tour of the amazing exhibit at LACMA…

Two iPhone photo years in my life (2011,2012)

So this photo collage pretty much follows my journey from Jacksonville life to LA…over the course of 2 years. 

LA Bros: A Day in the Life / New Fixed Gear Bike Day 1

Here is some footage of me and my friends hanging out in LA and Vegas, as well as some GoPro footage on my new bike…

Check out this golf footage of my good friend (Doctor & Pro Golfer) Aaron Fuller

We had a great time down in San Diego for this tournament

I had a blast with my family and friends in Florida for Christmas…

Check out some footage!

2012 Recap

2012 has been a year of new beginnings for me out here in California…

IMDb page, check it out!

So I’ve got a couple of credits up and some other fun stuff on IMDb…


Hey guys, so I’ve been shooting a lot lately, lets do a shoot together! (read more)

Just wrapped my part in the upcoming film Redlands

Directed by John Brian King (worked on Boogie Nights and Magnolia among other things)…

I helped produce Robert Raimon Roy’s newest video “Little Egypt Wavy”

  This video was a lot of fun, directed by the very talented Peter J Brant …

Behind-The-Scenes footage of The Veronicas at Paramount Studios!

So I had the pleasure of doing an awesome behind-the-scenes shoot with The Veronicas This week! 

Me and Andrew’s new venture: Specimen Designs…

Check out our new business, Specimen Designs….

I made a video for EYES & EARS, check it out!

This is Connor and Ian from Hello Danger…

Check out www.SikoraOnline.com

Sikora is a man of many talents, and I had the pleasure of assisting him on a photo and film shoot the other day. 

Had fun working with Nickelodeon’s Fresh Beat Band

This past week I assisted my friend Henry and stood in as acting tour manager for the Fresh Beat Band…

Guitar Phenom Nik Kai just turned 11!

This kid is amazing!

I love this place

If you have not been to the Griffith Observatory yet…


I had an amazing time in Florida with my family and friends for the holidays. 

2011 Recap

I’ve been thinking on 2011 and all the changes that have happened in my life this past year. This has been a pivotal year for me for sure… 

My Youtube Channel

So I’ve been taking some iphone videos of some rad shows and stuff since I moved to LA this past August…


Excited to start shooting video and photos with my new Canon 60D. This is one of the first pics I’ve taken with it, of my boys Matt, Andrew, and our other roommate Rodney’s lil dog Chilly.

Welcome to my new site

So, I finally have a website up, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll be sharing lots of different thoughts, creative projects, randomness, and aspects of my life here in Los Angeles. Special thanks to Maciek Bełtkiewicz for building it, and being awesome!